Susanne Blumesberger will moderate the conference day together with Raman Ganguly. She will also do a presentation early in the afternoon.

Data Management - Opportunities and Challenges in Exploring Media Effects on Children and Youth


This presentation will briefly outline the opportunities that arise when dealing with data management in the field of children's and youth media research. A survey has shown that there are still many open questions in this area. Often, terms like "repositories" or "permanent identifiers" are not familiar. There is also still a great deal of uncertainty about legal issues. Dealing with licences is also still quite new and unfamiliar for many. This also means that data that could be shared is often not shared. A logical consequence of this is that data that has already been collected is often not re-used. Another challenge is dealing with data that originates, for example, from the context of National Socialism, such as magazines or children's books. How do you deal with descriptions in repositories, what is allowed to be cited and how? These questions will probably have to be discussed more in the future.

About Susanne Blumesberger

Ph.D. in Media and Communication Studies and German Studies at the University of Vienna. Head of the Department Repository Management PHAIDRA-Services. Lecturer at the University of Vienna. Chairperson of the Austrian Society for Research on Children's and Youth Literature