Roundtable 1 | What do we need from research data standards?

There is a growing consensus that sharing data is the key to opening up siloed research projects towards a more productive, interconnected ecosystem. While some valid concerns, conditions and exceptions remain, the widespread adoption of FAIR Data Principles and the increasing use of Linked Open Data illustrates the real appetite for greater sharing.

With growing agreement in principle, this roundtable explores the practicalities of storing data in a way that makes it more valuable, accessible and promotes sharing. Our expert panel explores the vital role of standards for data and metadata, as well as new technologies and methodologies emerging which could help with the challenges.


  • What do researchers themselves require from data standards? 

  • Where are we on this journey, and what are the next steps?

  • Where do researchers and institutions start with standards, and where should they look for guidance?

  • Can broader, more effective data standards promote sharing, and what else is required to support this?

  • What are the most interesting new technologies and methodologies which may help? (Data Ops and more Agile Data Science approaches, Graph analysis, Improved search indexing)

  • What can academic and research institutions learn from the implementation of standards in industry and the private sector?

  • What future does a more effective standards landscape offer within academia and for public/private sector partnerships and collaboration?