Session 1: 09:30-10:15

Susanne Blumesberger

15 Years of PHAIDRA: A Look Back and Forward


In 2007 a working group started to build up a digital asset management system. One year later PHAIDRA, based on the open source software Fedora, went online and is now available to all staff and students of the University of Vienna. In PHAIDRA, valuable digital objects can be made available in the long term. The lecture will show which developments there were, but also which challenges we had to face. The focus is on the realization that repository management is never just about a technical system, but a lot more. Today, PHAIDRA is an indispensable part of research data management at the University of Vienna.   



About Susanne Blumesberger

Ph.D. in Media and Communication Studies and German Studies at the University of Vienna. Head of the Department Repository Management PHAIDRA-Services. Lecturer at the University of Vienna. Chairperson of the Austrian Society for Research on Children's and Youth Literature