Phaidracon 2022 is over

The recordings …

… are all available now. Also keep an eye (or follow), where we will publish podcasts with participants from Phaidracon and other researchers and scientists involved in data preservation.

  1. Tuesday, November 22, 2:30p.m. CET—Roundtable 1 “What do we need from research data standards?”.
  2. Thursday, November 24, 2:45p.m. CET—Roundtable 2 “Data Sharing and Reuse—Practicalities and Opportunities Across Research”.
  3. Friday, November 25, 10:30a.m. CET—Phaidra partners present current interesting projects they are involved in with their respective institutions.

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Gryffindor, CC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Phaidracon 2022 is an online event for anyone with an interest in the data that underpins human knowledge in today’s digital society. We focus on the challenges and opportunities around long-term preservation, accessibility, increased data sharing and collaboration.

Join us for our two roundtable events on 22 and 24th November, where we gather some of the leading minds from across academia, business and scientific research, government and the cultural and creative industries. This year’s focus looks to move beyond the obvious benefits and rhetoric of sharing research data, towards a practical focus on what is needed to drive this forward.

Our conference sessions on Friday 25th November are dedicated to showcasing real world projects to preserve, share and reuse research data using Phaidra and other open source technologies.

The topical focus for this year’s Vienna Sessions roundtables will be the reuse of academic data. We plan to explore both the societal and economic opportunities this presents, as well as the challenges: academic, legal, practical, technical, social and more. 

As early inspiration, take a look at this great study from Devan Ray Donaldson and Joshua Wolfgang Koepke in Nature magazine, June 2022 edition. 

A focus groups study on data sharing and research data management 

We are building up debate over the coming months on the blog and in the media, so stay tuned!

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