Pencil the dates in your calendar, this year’s Phaidracon has been provisionally set for 22-25 November. Sadly, with continuing uncertainty around COVID-19, we cannot invite you all to join us in Vienna (as originally planned). However, Phaidracon 2022 will continue to build on the success of the previous two virtual events, and we look forward to seeing faces old and new online.

The topical focus for this year’s Vienna Sessions roundtables will be the reuse of academic data. We plan to explore both the societal and economic opportunities this presents, as well as the challenges: academic, legal, practical, technical, social and more. 

As early inspiration, take a look at this great study from Devan Ray Donaldson and Joshua Wolfgang Koepke in last month’s Nature magazine. 

A focus groups study on data sharing and research data management 

We will be building up debate over the coming months on the blog and in the media, so stay tuned to the discussion: Meanwhile, our agenda is far from fixed, and we are genuinely interested in hearing from potential speakers and panellists for this year’s roundtables.

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