ROUNDTABLE 2: Digital Humanities in the API Economy

The inner workings of organisations from lean tech start-ups, to government departments and the largest global corporations are all being abstracted into open, standardised and easily accessible Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).    

Shielded from the complexities of the underlying IT systems, the API economy is giving birth to a new breed of online entrepreneurship. How do we get things (products, services, information) to people in new and exciting ways? How do we create new experiences that blend the online, compute power and the physical?



  • What does all this mean for digital humanities?

  • Is there a new model for digitization of our cultural heritage?

  • What opportunities does this open up for Cross-discipline/Cross-organisational  sharing and collaboration?

  • Is there a new blurring of the boundaries between academia, museums and archives, amateur enthusiasts and the general public?

  • Does this offer new service/revenue opportunities?

  • Most importantly, how will this work in reality?