Roundtable 2 | Data Sharing and Reuse—Practicalities and Opportunities Across Research

There are very few voices objecting in principle to the increased sharing of research data, but sharing does not always happen in practice. What are the reasons, how do we break current data silos, and what are the realities involved? 

Building on our first panel discussion, this second roundtable puts a practical focus on the remaining challenges and the opportunities for researchers. 

Drawing insight from across the fields of science and social science and data licensing, we explore the practical challenges and what society has to gain.


  • Does data sharing change the future fundamentals of research: scope, methods and possibilities?
  • Is there a set of universal principles that apply across all fields of research?
  • Can we just leave researchers to share with their peers, or is there a necessary role for data and collaboration specialists?
  • While the principle is one thing, do all researchers want to share their data openly?

    • Are there valid reasons not to?
    • Are there recognisable areas where sharing is more or less successful?
    • Are there reasons to restrict/constrain sharing? (to a smaller group)
    • Funder Requirements?
  • Do all researchers want to reuse data?
    • Is there a premium on “fresh” new research? 
    • Is there a demand for this from funders?
  • And, can researchers adopt licensing and practices from fields such as Open Source Software, Free Culture and the Creative Commons?