Session 6: 12:15 - 13:00

Nemanja Zikic


PHAIDRA and portal eScience in Serbia



During 2022 Serbian Office for information technologies and eGovernment, as well as Ministry of science of the Republic of Serbia, started the development of a new system for aggregation, presentation and evaluation of research results in Serbia, named eScience ( Except administrative data on research institutions (faculties, institutes etc.), portal contains information on researchers profiles and finally - on publications. The bibliographic data of published results of the researchers are not filled on the portal directly but harvested from other systems: compatible electronic catalogues and institutional repositories. Repository PHAIDRA is recognised as convenient infrastructure for such task, and University library “Svetozar Marković” in Belgrade starts intensive activities in mobilising this resource so that institutes and other organisations can use PHAIDRA as a tool for connecting to national portal eScience. These activities included: 1) establishing the new PHAIDRA system, 2) educational activities for PHAIDRA users, 3) conducting new library services and 4) adjustments of PHAIDRA system so that it can meet requirements of the eScience. After more than a year PHAIDRA became a recognisable, very useful tool for a significant number of research organisations.