The Historical Archive of Padua’s Botanical Garden: A case of data enrichment, integration, and reuse


The Historical Archive of Padua’s Botanical Garden documents the centuries-long history of the Botanical Garden of Padua. It consists of 200 folders of a composite nature covering a time span from the 18th century to the second half of the 20th century. The archive contains administrative and scientific documents and relevant materials related to the activities of the Garden’s directors (“Prefetti”), namely the extensive personal and scientific correspondence that Roberto De Visiani (1800–1878) and Pier Andrea Saccardo (1845–1920) entertained with botanical experts all over the world. These letters chronicle the studies of Botany, the society, and the historical period going from the Risorgimento to the Great War, representing a unique source of remarkable value, among the most important preserved at the University of Padua.

About Giulio Turetta

With a background in Telecommunications Engineering, he works as Digital Services Librarian at the University of Padua Library Center. He is a manager of the library discovery service and the local Phaidra digital repository. He is involved in developing and managing library websites, virtual exhibitions, and the institutional archive for research data.